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Do you sometimes visit a trade show or promotional event and see the static displays which people barely glance at as they walk by? Do you walk past those sales videos in supermarkets and the local mall as they loop endlessly, while the soundtrack, however animated, fades into the background noise? As an exhibitor, have you ever wondered what would make a video booth at a recruiting stand really dynamic and captivating?

The answer is simple, cost effective and infinitely configurable. They come in a range of sizes and you can vary their appearance to suit your audience, products and niche. They require no batteries, react in real time and are the key to successfully selling. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the live presenter!

There are only three things you need to know, when making your decision that your next promotion will be memorable, powerful and effective:

  • People Like People
  • People Love Captivating Stories
  • Three is the magic number

People Like People
The missing element in the three scenarios above is a live presenter! It doesn’t matter how small the show, how far off the main thoroughfare your stand or how hostile the expected audience, if you put a good presenter on your stage they will reach out and grab a slice of the audience, even from under the noses of your competitors. People like people, and your audience would rather listen to a person than a video. Presenters are interactive, and if you employ an advanced presenter then they will be captivating! Put a presenter on the stand and people will queue to watch your sales pitch!

People Love Captivating Stories
Most people who approach a stand or booth and see that a PowerPoint presentation on display, will quickly notice the time, remember an important place they have to be, or look for the nearest cafe. It is not that there is anything wrong with PowerPoint, it’s just that most presenters who use it relinquish the stage to it, instead of using it as a visual backdrop. Make sure that if you are presenting you tell stories. Tell true stories, if possible and appropriate, as they have more grab. Most of all, remember to personally feel the emotion you want to inspire in your audience when telling your story.

Three is the magic number.
The key to a snappy live presentation is to have three (that is three, not two or four) bullet points which you describe in your introduction, explain in your content, and repeat at your summary.

  • Tell your audience that there‚Äôs only three things you expect them to remember.
  • Describe those three things clearly and simply.
  • Reiterate those three things at the end.

If you employ a live presenter they will grab the audience and connect with them in a way that a static display never will. Your presenter will raise the energy in the audience and utilise any interaction in the moment, so binding the crowd as if by magic. If you employ an advanced presenter to front your recruiting stand, or learn the skills yourself, your show will be dynamic, captivating, and most of all successful.

So to recap, the three reasons why the live presenter is the key to successful selling at a show or event are:

  1. People Like People
  2. People Love Captivating Stories
  3. Three is the magic number

Simple really, when you see it laid out like that!

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