Aug 03

If you think of the three tags of Advanced Presenter, Sound, and TED in one sentence, then you are probably talking about Julian Treasure of The Sound Agency. In his latest talk at TED Global 2011, he tells about the skill of conscious listening and gives us five ways to re-tune our ears for listening both to other people and the world around you.

Julian is an entertaining and confident presenter with a commanding stage presence. For anyone needing to give a talk to an audience of any size, you can improve your delivery just by emulating his sparse use of visual aids, effective use of tonality and grounded body position. See the measured use of hand gestures to emphasize a point. Listen to his well paced delivery, even in the confined space of a TED talk. From the welcoming open body posture at the beginning of the presentation to the relaxed stance for the well deserved applause at the end, Julian is grounded.

To watch an advanced presenter give a great talk about a subject from which we can all benefit, visit Julian Treasure And Five Ways To Listen Better

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